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hair care


Hair is an important element of beauty and aesthetic sense of most people.”Adopt a healthy life style your hair also will be healthy “.
Hair loss depends on so many factors and hair regrowth also can’t be achieved instantly. It requires regular hair care, nutritional modifications, treating the local and systemic diseases responsible for hair loss and hormonal imbalances. It is only through regaining general health, you can achieve a healthy, lustrous hair.

Causes of hairloss:-
  • Genetic tendency
  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Polycystic ovary
  •  Nutritional deficiency (Iron, Protein, zinc, etc.)
  •  Skin diseases like Psoriasis, Lichen  Planus etc.
  •  Hormonal factors 
  •  Systemic disease (Liver disease, kidney failure) 
  • After acute ailments (Viral infection, Typhoid) 
  • Stress factors (Anxiety, depression)
  •  Drugs
  • Pollution
  • Smoking
  • Cosmetic treatments like ironing ,coloring etc
  • Unknown factors
  • Sudden stopping of oral contraceptives

alopecia [baldness]:----------

  • androgenetic alopecia[male pattern baldness]
  • female pattern alopecia
  • alopecia areata
  • alopecia universalis
Hair Loss Homeopathic Management
 female pattern alopecia  images from our hair analytical system.[H V hairloss clinic]

Every case calls for detailed study of the patient individually. hair analysis is done with sophisticated equipments and technology to understand the exact causes of hairloss.
 There are no disease specific medicines in homeopathy. The treatment is determined only on detailed evaluation of the individual case. The causes are addressed with dietary changes, hair care instructions and homeopathic medicines are allowed to stimulate the body to recover from the phase of hair loss. A few commonly used drugs are listed here: natrum Mur, sepia, lycopodium, acid phos, thuja etc.Medicine selection depends on individualization of each case.

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